About the project.

Since the early demonstration of optically pumped lasing in solid-state organic semiconductors (1996), the fabrication of organic diode lasers has been targeted as technological breakthrough for the realization of a new disruptive technology of cost-effective, flexible lasers that are compact, easily scalable and with wide spectral tunability. Nevertheless, due to intrinsic limitations of transport and luminescence of organic materials, the fabrication of organic diode lasers has so far remained elusive.

In the last 5 years, metal halide hybrid perovskites emerged for their exceptional optoelectronic properties, making great strides in photovoltaics and light emitting applications, including light emitting diodes, transistors and optically pumped lasers. They seem to represent the merging point between the efficient and established inorganic electronics and the flexible and chameleonic organic electronics.

Combining efficiency and flexibility, they promise to remove the necessity of finding a trade-off between performance and applications which has been afflicting most of the established and emerging technologies in the last 50 years, sometimes preventing market adoption. In such contest, they revived the hope for the realization of solution-processable diode lasers.

In this project, we will develop multidimensional hybrid perovskites suitable as gain media, aiming at the demonstration of a proof-of-concept solution processed, solid state perovskite-based electrically injected laser with high spectral tunability and low lasing threshold. This will have enormous impact on fields ranging from telecommunications to medicine and spectroscopy.

This multidisciplinary project will be carried out at the Italian Institute of Technology (Milan, Italy) under the supervision of Dr. Annamaria Petrozza and complemented with a secondment in the nanofabrication facilities at AMO (Aachen, Germany).

For more funding information please visit https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/839480